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The CEA Foundation was born in 2007 as an initiative of the companies affiliated to the Council of American Enterprises - CEA to create an independent organization with the mission of working to improve the living conditions, education, security and social assistance of people who need it.


In its first 10 years, the Foundation implemented important programs focused on two main areas: education and health.

  • Education for Employment: focused on providing training and complementary training in technical skills to young people to support their employment.

  • Feet on the ground: focused on the donation of orthopedic prostheses for lower limbs and comprehensive support for the adaptation process.

In 2016, prompted by the national situation in Colombia, the companies affiliated with the Council of American Companies promoted the realization of an innovation process to respond to the needs and job opportunities articulated with companies related to sustainability issues.


For this reason, in 2017, the Foundation launched with the help of US companies and the US Embassy in Colombia Hands for Change a platform in which companies, international cooperation and the public sector can work together in the implementation of investment projects social throughout the country.

Since then, the Foundation has had the opportunity to:

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